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The hydra Retailer Resource Center is where you will find everything you need to elevate your store's hydra presence.  Exclusively available to hydra wholesale customers, you'll have access to more information about hydra products including merchandising tips, the latest news, social media feeds, and more... you'll stay up to date on everything hydra Brands.


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H O W   T O   U S E   O U R   P R O D U C T S

Enjoy a spa experience anytime with these best use practices:

Shower Burst® tablet

How to use the Shower Burst® aromatherapy tablet...

To use: Unwrap a Shower Burst tablet from the foil and place in a sachet. Hang somewhere out of the direct water spray. Splash the Shower Burst tablet to activate it each time; it will last for multiple showers.

Essential Oil Roll-On

How to use an Essential Oil Roll-On...

To use: Apply oil to hands, neck, and wrists for a therapeutic effect anytime. For best results, apply to clean, dry skin. 

Bathtub Tea

How to use a Bathtub Tea bag...

To use: Remove from plastic and place tea bag in a warm bath for an herbal soak without the mess.  Submerge in a bowl of warm water for a facial steam.  Place in a drawer to infuse items contained there with an herbal scent. 

Bath Fizzies

How to use a Bath Fizzie...

To use: Remove from wrapper and drop one fizzie tablet into a warm bath.

Chill Pill® bath fizzer

How to use a Chill Pill bath fizzer...

To use: Unwrap and drop one half into your tub and watch the magic begin! Two awesome baths per Chill Pill!

Shower Fizzers

How to use our Shower Fizzers...

To use: Unwrap one fizzer tablet and place it on the shower floor between your feet. 

Body Spritz

How to use our Body Spritz...

To use: Shake then gently mist after bath, shower, or anytime. Spray on linens or curtains to infuse the room with scent. (Note: May discolor some fabrics.)

Magic Soap DIsh

How to use a Magic Soap Dish...

To use: Place bar soap onto dish after each use for a nicer experience and long-lasting soap. 

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